Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Before Married vs After Married

Recently (means 13 Mar 2009), I was at my friend's house to celebrate his birthday. There's one part when we chat about his life of having his son, and he told us the feeling of being a "Daddy". The worries he had for his baby, which is much more than anything. After the conversation, I tried evaluate and analyse things that my friend said and come out with this Before Married vs After Married.

Before Family: You only sleep once in a night.
After Family: You are able to sleep 4 times in a night.

Before Family: Excitement means having a trophy in your hand.
After Family: Excitement is when you manage to persuade your baby to say "baba".

Before Family: The ideal wardrobe is a range of elegant outfits from Nike, Camel, FCUK and Esprit.
After Family: The ideal wardrobe is a range of factory outlet rejects that you can throw away after they acquire too many baby vomit stains.

Before Family: Shopping list would be newly release DVD movie, Pringles, clothes, car accessory and marlboro light.
After Family: Shopping list would be milk, diaper, and milk, diaper and milk, diaper...............

Before Family: You thought you needed space, time and peace to work.
After Family: You discover you can type perfectly well with one child on your lap, another wrapped around your leg, and the third watching Barney videos at full volume one and a half metres away.

Before Family: You thought the finest furniture was Philippe Starke designs in leather.
After Family: You know the finest furniture is a big ugly sofa that can absorb orange juice, urine and milk, and as a scratching board.

Before Family: You thought your dream car would be a Audi Coupe convertible.
After Family: You realize your dream car is a second-hand Toyota Avanza with washable seats.

Before Family: Cinematic entertainment is action movie.
After Family: Cinematic entertainment is The Lion King, which actually moves you to tears.

Before family: You thought the soundtrack of your life would be R&B song's
After Family: You realize that the soundtrack of your life is "Old MacDonald had a dog" 20 times a day.

When you consider all the changes to your lifestyle, it’s hard to avoid thinking that acquiring a family is seriously bad news. But the interesting thing is that people who’ve been through this, you won't be able to hear saying they regret to have their baby. Because everyday after a stressed work day, a baby smile would be the best stress reliever.

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